Andrea's mom called us from the west side of Indy and was looking for a photographer that would do a really good job as she planned on sending the photos to a modeling agency.  After we were done with the session she mentioned how happy she was with everything.  The photos, the service, attention to detail and was also impressed with our charity, Flashes of Hope. Andrea was only 10 and she loved all of her pics.  And her favorite thing about Spotlight besides our well trained German shepherd Barrett, she loved the treasure chest.  Everyone loves the treasure chest which is filled will all kinds of goodies.  Andrea made sure to line her pockets when she and her mom came back to pick up the finished portraits.  No doubt Andrea will be back and she'll be telling all her friends. BA2U0050BA2U0074 BA2U0066 BA2U0062 BA2U0057 BA2U0042 BA2U0038 BA2U0003
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