The Photographer

Mark Watson picked up his first camera when he was a small boy and to many people it seems that he’s never put it down. Upon graduating from Brebeuf he was given his first SLR, a Mamiya DTL 1000. When he opened Spotlight Photography he was introduced to the Hasselblad medium format system. The 20 year anniversary of Spotlight marked his entry into the digital realm with the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II.  It opened up a whole new way of photographing and he soon learned to combine his digital photography and passion for art to create stunning portraits in Photoshop.  While keeping pace with technologies that continue to transform photography, Mark is most at home behind the lens. Learning the fundamentals of exposure, composition and light at an early age, he honed those skills to the point where he can see the image long before he captures it. It is a passion that follows him everywhere he goes.  ‘After years of taking pictures,’ Mark says, “I could eventually ‘see the light’.  And light is truly the essence of what photography is. 'With light, I can tell a thousand stories.’  Mark is the proud father of Anna, 17, and Patrick, 15, who have grown up in front of the camera and can empathize with celebrities everywhere.  Anna is obsessed with books and reading and has taken a serious interest in photography and with her dad's help, now has her own collection of Canon equipment.   Patrick plays percussion in the Mt. Vernon High School band and loves hiking with his dad.  Recently they added Barrett to the family, a well trained German Shepard from Boise, Idaho.

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